Respect for Devo

Most people I know think of Devo as a comedy band who wore flowerpots on their heads. But I think they deserve much more respect. Devo were seriously innovative catalysts for the transition from punk to new wave and beyond. Furthermore unlike many bands they were driven by a kind of philosophy: De-evolution, from which they took their name. The idea came from a pamphlet — “Jocko Homo Heavenbound” — see figure below – describing how human evolution has kicked into reverse. Read some recent newspaper stories and it’s hard to disagree. You might know “Whip It” … but try this earlier one. Remember this was made in 1972. Pre-flowerpots.

Want more? They’ve re-formed. Find out more here.

And by the way, they’re not flower pots; they’re energy domes.



One thought on “Respect for Devo

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